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Williamson Sintyl, Certified Life Coach

Williamson is a certified Life Coach for teens, students, young adults, and emerging leaders, more specifically a Personal Growth and Success Coach.
Williamson became a Life Coach because he is passionate about inspiring others. It all started in 2010 right after the big earthquake in Haiti. Williamson discovered he had a passion to help others. After the earthquake, he found himself connecting with his people on a deeper level. Williamson was the only survivor from his class of 25 students.  He was searching for his purpose in life and why he was the one survivor from that horrific tragedy.
After two years of serving as a missionary in 2013-2015, Williamson discovered his interest in humanitarian work, specifically in the nonprofit world. His guidance counselor asked him what he wanted to pursue as a career. Williamson response was:
"I want to be a force for good. I want to empower young people across the world to believe in themselves and connect them to their purpose." So his counselor told him that he had two options for a career: social work or humanitarian work.  “That is an easy decision. I’m not debating, so humanitarian work it is,” Williamson founded his nonprofit organization back in 2016 that works in Haiti called ARISE Project For Humanity.  He is also invested in startup businesses within his hometown in Haiti. He has traveled far and wide to motivate young leaders to become victorious success stories and survivors, by showing and inspiring others through his love, faith, and his story as a survivor.
He met the love of his life in Utah in 2015 right after his mission for his church and attended a few colleges. He married his wonderful wife Sharla Kjar Sintyl in October 2016, and they have had 3 beautiful children.  He’s been taking his family back to Haiti and Dominican Republic with him since he started the ARISE Project For Humanity to see the work and serve with him.
Williamson has never strayed from the path to empower people.
While living in the United States, he wanted to do more with his gifts and passion for humanity.  He wanted to become a personal life coach for individual worldwide. After taking courses, he then became a certified life coach and started his private coaching program in 2019 called “Ikonèk Life Coaching ’’.  ikonèk connects individuals to their best purpose in life. Since then, Williamson has helped with many different challenges amongst teens such as students who want to improve their grades, students who want to improve their relationships, and students who want to improve in extracurricular activities.

We all need a little extra motivation in life, from jumping out of our comfort zone, picking ourselves up after being knocked down, or just motivation to be a light to the world! With his training in life coaching, Williamson is able to help thousands teens become a victor in life and unlock their potential. 

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