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Connecting You To Your Purpose

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Schedule a call with us today and begin your positive transformation

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One-on-one Coaching Session

Start today. Hiring a life coach can improve so many areas of your life.

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Group Session

Join hundreds of learners from around the world already learning on iKonek.

Text "COACH" to 801-498-0201 to get started. 

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Full Package Coaching

Life coaching creates winning habits and better performances for you, your students, teens and your adults.

Begin your journey to a better you with a coach. 


Are You Ready To Invest in Yourself?

My name is Williamson Sintyl. I’m a certified life coach. I’m the founder of IKonèk Life Coaching. I started this platform back in 2019 while living in Bountiful Utah to help young adults, teens, and emerging leaders find their purpose through coaching. I’ve also worked with hundreds of adoptee parents with teens from outside the U.S

After running a successful youth mentoring organization in different countries for over 7 years, I’ve become more and more confident in helping individuals connect to their purpose by taking their goals, dreams, and destinies to the next level.

For this month only, the first session is free. Schedule a call with me today and begin your positive transformation


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“At first I did not understand why my mom hired Coach Williamson. It wasn’t until I had my first coaching session that I realized that having a life coach is so important. Coach Williamson noticed that fear was limiting my growth. I did not participate in any extracurricular activities. I did not try when it came to homework and tests. I didn’t even try to make any new friends. After he worked with me to overcome my fear, things started to improve in my life. Now, I play hockey, I have a fun friend group, and I make all As!”



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